Triple Whammy For Landlords Now Effective

So what is this triple tax whammy the press are talking about and how might it affect your business? Cuts in capital gains tax not applicable to investment property Stamp Duty Land Tax – 3% surcharge applicable on buy to lets & second homes Wear & Tear allowance scrapped This new tax year is not great […]

Save £900 Submit Your Self Assessment Return On Time

Did you know that even if you have no liability or tax due from your self assessment return you will still be immediately liable for a £100 fine. Paper returns must be submitted by 31 October. Online returns must be submitted by 31 January. In addition to the £100 automatic fines, daily fines of £10 […]

How To Simplify Accounting For Home Office Costs

Small Businesses are entitled to claim back expenses incurred such as heat, water and mortgage interest as result of using their home as an office. However, what exactly do HMRC deem as “reasonable” or “allowable”? Adopting the simplified flat rate deduction basis for home office costs can make things a lot easier and tax efficient […]

Tax Avoidance – Don’t Get Caught Out!

This years budget announced HMRC will now be given the power to collect any taxes due from an individuals bank account directly from those who can afford to pay but haven’t. For help getting your taxes under control contact us now and we’ll be happy to answer any question you may have. Contact Info   […]

2k Cashback – Claim Employment Allowance

Around 1.25 million businesses in the UK are now eligible to claim employment allowance. In order to allow your business to invest, grow and take on new people the government has brought in this allowance effective from 6th April 2014. How will you spend yours? For help with claiming your allowance contact us with any […]

Claim back 2k Employment Allowance

From the 6th April 2014 all UK employers that pay Class 1 National Insurance Contributions will be able to claim back £2000. If your business usually pays under £2000 employer National Insurance Contributions then you won’t have anything to pay. Contact us to find if you are eligible or for any other money saving advice […]